Research & Academia

Universities, colleges and research institutes play a pivotal role in pushing forward innovation in society. UMBRELLA aims to help research and academic organisations to develop the technologies and skills required for the future.

How Can UMBRELLA Help You?

Design experiments with our radios and robotic nodes without having to purchase your own equipment or software licenses.

Provides a platform to design multiple experiments assigned to a single project.

Bring your research to life in our real world environment.

Work with others in your organisation or find collaborators in the UMBRELLA community through sending a request for collaboration.

Do You Have a Potential Use for UMBRELLA?

Are you an educator and have an idea of integrating the platform into a class or lecture?

Are you a researcher looking for a platform to conduct state of the art IIoT research and bid for new research funding?

Have an idea of a competition to run through the platform?

Do you have a potential use for UMBRELLA?

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