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South Gloucestershire Council, Toshiba Europe Limited, the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and the West of England Combined Authority are investing to revolutionise the research and development capacity of this extraordinary part of the South West of England.

The UMBRELLA Testbed

UMBRELLA is a large scale, multi-radio, open Internet of Things testbed that will act as a globally significant R&D playground.
With over 230 nodes containing 1500+ sensors spread across 7km of South Gloucestershire, it provides researchers and innovators in all types of organisations a platform to bring their Internet of Things ideas to life.
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Use Cases

UMBRELLA aims to accelerate new technologies, solutions and business models for the Internet of Things era. The platform is being used to develop smart city sensing including air quality monitoring and street light maintenance, new robotics applications, private 5G for warehousing and logistics and large scale wireless testing.
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Technology underpins everything that we do in the 21st century. The UMBRELLA node provides the technological backbone to the UMBRELLA platform. It is an IoT access point that can house a variety of sensors in interchangeable modules that can be swapped based on the needs of the use case.
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Your gateway to the UMBRELLA IoT playground. Get access to over 1000 wireless radio nodes, 1500+ sensors, 100 edge capable nodes and 20 robot nodes with which you can design and run experiments from anywhere with an internet connection.
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