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A living lab at the heart of innovation

UMBRELLA is one of the largest, world-leading open programmable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks within South Gloucestershire.
A unique platform which connects several testbeds, bridging the gap between the physical and laboratory worlds, and evolving ideas past the boundaries of the lab and closer to market.
UMBRELLA platform users, including business, researchers, engineers and students

Components OF UMBRELLA

The platform combines a smart city sensing and wireless testbed, a smart campus, and a robotics arena with a digital twin, all connected by one portal and accessible anywhere in the world.


A collaborative Knowledge site

We have developed a Wiki for skills development and learning so users and developers can contribute, share knowledge and information, and learn from other group exercises.


Who we support

We collaborate with those keen to bring new ideas to life. Start-ups, businesses both large and small, public sector bodies, research, academia, and individuals.


Developers & data users

Explore how UMBRELLA is used by hardware, software, platform and application developers, and data users. Discover a plethora of different technologies, all accessible via a single, open, and programmable platform.


Use cases

See how UMBRELLA is currently being used by hardware, software, platform and application developers and data users, and determine how you could use our collaborative platform it in future.



No one can do it alone. Community members can use UMBRELLA to create impactful projects or seek collaborations to solve common challenges without having to purchase their own equipment or software licenses.


The UMBRELLA portal

Welcome to your gateway to the UMBRELLA IoT Innovation playground. Gain access to over 100 wireless radio nodes, 1500+ sensors, 100 edge capable nodes and 20 robot nodes, all of which you can design and run experiments with, anywhere, with any internet connection.

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