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As a Data User how can UMBRELLA help you?

You can develop and deploy new applications to the UMBRELLA node and collect experiment and testing data remotely via the UMBRELLA platform and your login to the UMBRELLA web portal.
Software Developer

Data User

Gain access to both live and historic data collected by over 1,500 sensors spread across a large geographical area.

The data types include temperature, humidity, pm2.5, pm10, ambient noise, oxidising gas, spectrum sensing and GPS localisation.

  • Test your AI and Machine Learning algorithms on over 100 edge capable nodes
  • Upload and deploy your experiment code using Kubernetes and Docker
  • The scheduling and monitoring of experiments running in the testbeds
  • Download your experimental results for use offline
  • Push sensor data to external servers
  • Bring your data to life using Grafana

Do you think you have a potential use for UMBRELLA?

Why not not join our UMBRELLA community, send a request for collaboration and we will help you find collaborators to work with.

Request for collaboration

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