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As a Software Developer, how can UMBRELLA help you?

You will have the ability to remotely upload software algorithms and wireless protocol to the UMBRELLA node, and network and evaluate their performance based on the existing UMBRELLA sensing and radio technologies installed in the real-world.
Software Developer

Software Developer

Have access to the UMBRELLA portal and run experiments from anywhere with an internet connection.

The platform accelerates IIoT embedded system development with tools to create, debug, and optimize code for testing, validation, and deployment.

Details can be found on our Wiki page.

Take advantage of the many features of the platform including:

  • Kubernetes and Docker based upload and deployment of experiment software
  • The scheduling and monitoring of experiments running in the testbeds
  • Result log file retrieval for offline analysis
  • Customised Firmware binary upload for radios
  • Simulation models (such as Gazebo) with customisable environments and worlds
  • Radio simulators to emulate the performance of radios
  • External application access to REST APIs

Do you think you have a potential use for UMBRELLA?

Why not not join our UMBRELLA community, send a request for collaboration and we will help you find collaborators to work with.

Request for collaboration

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