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The UMBRELLA Platform

This is your innovation playground to design, understand and learn from. The unique platform provides a flexible open programmable experimentation environment, supporting multi-sector use cases, for accelerating development, deployment, and optimisation of IoT systems.
Network concept image

It allows you to:

Network connect concept 

Connect from anywhere

Provides access to the UMBRELLA network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Office workers working on documents and collaborating 

Collaborate with others

Multiple users can run experiments under a single, shared project.

Computer wireless concept image 

Run wireless experiments

Upload a docker contained image or binaries to run wireless experiments to evaluate new IoT protocols and algorithms in a large-scale, real-life testbed for their performances such as communication reliability, latency, scalability, and energy efficiency etc.

Robot swarms 

Run robotic digital simulations

The cloud-based digital twin environment permits rapid evaluation and optimisation of robotic use cases, including customised emulation of the radio communications, together with a highly accurate (mm level) ground truth telemetry system for synchronisation of the digital and physical worlds.

Data user concept 

Access sensor and experiment data

Access data from over 1,500 sensors, and experiment logs, both new and historic, for off-line analysis to develop new IoT applications and services.

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