Public Bodies

Public bodies deliver key services to the UK public, tackling a wide range of challenges from healthcare to education. Innovative technologies and practices can help to improve public services and reduce costs, but they need to be de-risked before being used on critical services.

How Can UMBRELLA Help You?

UMBRELLA is aligned with the UK central government’s industrial strategy and local government’s strategy of economic development and job creation.

UMBRELLA is a regional differentiator for the South West and a unique asset for the UK.

Try new, innovative solutions in a sandbox playground environment.

Take your service development to the next level and trial your products in a real world environment.

Join the UMBRELLA community and find collaborators to work with by sending a request for collaboration.

Do You Have a Potential Use for UMBRELLA?

See how South Gloucestershire Council are using UMBRELLA to innovate their streetlight maintenance and collect meaningful air quality data to influence future policy design.
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