SMEs account for over 99% of the UK business population and employ more than 60% of the UK private sector. SMEs and startups are more likely to face challenges with limited resources than their larger counterparts.

How Can UMBRELLA Help You?

Test your solutions with our radios and robot nodes without having to purchase your own equipment or software licenses.

Evaluate and test all your radio and robot needs in a single testbed, saving you time and money.

Take your development to the next level and trial your products in a real world environment.

Join the UMBRELLA community and find collaborators to work with by sending a request for collaboration.

Do You Have a Potential Use for UMBRELLA?

Want to connect your own devices to our UMBRELLA network?

Want to create new applications from our sensor data?

We’re looking to support all sectors of the South Gloucestershire economy including applications in:

Do you have a potential use for UMBRELLA?

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