An open, programmable IoT testbed connecting key innovation areas of South Gloucestershire. Made up of two smaller testbeds: smart city sensing and robotics.

Smart City Sensing and Wireless Testbed

Stretching from UWE Frenchay campus in the east to Bristol and Bath Science Park in the west, along the A4174 – a key thoroughfare in South Gloucestershire.

Testbed in Numbers

UK's first real world testbed

Over 230 UMBRELLA nodes are mounted on lamp posts along the A4174 containing over 1000 wireless radio nodes and over 1500 sensors.

These provide a real world platform for not only testing wireless algorithms and protocols but also smart city sensing, with the ability to collect data on temperature, air quality and even ambient noise levels.

Key Testbed Features


Robotics Testbed

Situated in the Bristol Robotics Lab, the robotic testbed consists of an 5x5m arena, 20 robotic nodes, and a number of obstacles and platforms. Use the testbed to evaluate which communications protocols and swarm AI algorithms work best for your robotic solution.

Advancing collaborative robotic AI

Each robot is 25cm in diameter and can lift up to 4kg individually, but can collaborate to tackle larger and heavier payloads

Communication & Management Stack
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi (802.11ac)
Support for custom protocol stacks

3x Omnidirectional wheels

RockPi with 4 onboard cameras

State of the art digital twin

The digital twin simulator allows you to run your experiments virtually before taking to the robot arena. Access the digital twin from anywhere with an internet connection through the UMBRELLA Platform.
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